Cashflow, it's in your hands

With the world turned on its head lately, event owners are increasingly interested in understanding and improving cashflow, refunds and fees, so we thought it would be timely to take a deeper dive into the topic.

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How events are transforming their business?

Working closely with event teams, eventplus helps to increase sales, automate the repetitive work giving the freedom to focus on the important stuff. Here are some of the advanced features making a difference in the new world of event management.

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Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge - Increasing Participation Through Loyalty

With a history spanning over four decades, the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge (LTCC) has kept relevant by not being afraid to trial new initiatives.

Nowadays with over 5000 cyclists, it’s one of New Zealand’s most iconic events and injects an estimated $6.4 million into the Taupo e...

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Kepler Challenge Sold Out in 2 Minutes, The Scramble to Get a Start

The Kepler Challenge Committee have tried a number of options to make event registration fair and simple for the runners, however each year a lot of unhappy runners took to Facebook full of grumbles. For their 2020 registrations they contacted eventplus to see if we could help.

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