Whether you want to sell registrations for an event, series, festival or games, eventplus is ideal for both new and experienced event professionals. 

Managing sports registrations is highly specialised and demands more than a simple ticket booking system can offer. Sports events require processing additional information about participants to allocate them to the correct category, age group, start group or team, recording essential safety and medical information, though to timing system integration and results.

eventplus was specifically designed for sports registrations and is trusted by a wide range of iconic sports events, so you can be confident that it will be a perfect match for your event.

Structured for Sport

Easily set up for your sports event format - single, series and festivals.

Define individual category entry rules to restrict by age, gender or invitation only.

Automatically assign age and gender divisions to your participants, which can align with prizes and age group awards.

Keep the buzz going by automatically overflowing entries to a waitlist once a category is full.

Teams and Relay Support

Put team captains in control with options to invite members join the team, have the captain enter members or a combination of both. Captains can easily manage members and relay leg changes themselves.

Configurable team rules mean you can define the team arrangements such as team divisions, relay legs, number of members and more.  

Advanced team reporting breaks down the members in each team, which legs they are allocated and other member information making it easier not to drop the baton on race day.

Automate Race Numbers

Save time over the months to your event by automatically assigning race bib numbers to your participants as they enter.  

Manage custom race number ranges for different categories and age groups and even reallocate race numbers from withdrawn participants.

Teams are covered too with options to share one number for the whole team, use a unique number for each member or keep member numbers sequential.

Self Service Transfers and Changes

Give your entrants the choice to transfer their entry to another person and pay an optional transfer fee. Let the platform automatically facilitate transfers without requiring any intervention by the event team.  

Athletes often need to change the category they have previously entered due to fitness levels or injury status. Handle this without hassle by allowing the entrant to choose a different category and pay any additional fees as required.

Build Loyalty with Results and Achievements

Harness the power of your data with historic results on the same platform under your control. Automatically generate all-time leaderboards, achievement rankings and division records.

Drive new business through achievement programmes which incentivise athletes to build on their investment in your event and level up their status.

Be creative with achievement rewards, from early entry access, discounted prices or exclusive merchandise. Achievement points can be automatically calculated, with the potential rewards shown to the entrant and automatically applied when they register.

Check-in Tool

Streamline your event day by using the check-in tool to quickly lookup and serve entrants. Identify entrants instantly with QR code scanning to avoid frustrating queues.

Define custom check-in actions for your event to quickly record extra information such as gear check status, gear drop offs, medicals, race pack collection or any other workflow.

Always know at a glance the status of your entrants with live reports, so nobody gets forgotten.


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