Become a Virtual Event Virtuoso

Virtual events are a great way to boost cashflow and keep your event community engaged in their own backyards or wilderness. All the usual logistics don’t apply - onsite management, planning, setup, traffic plans or running an actual event, leaving you free to focus on creating a great social experience.

An event can either be completely virtual or a physical event with a virtual component. Your participants register themselves, perform the challenges and update their own experiences - with zero administration required.

Schedule challenges

Create exciting challenges for your entrants, with just a few minutes setup. Get people pumped up with inspirational instructions using videos or images.

Multiple challenges can be set to become available at different times, to different audiences, keeping everyone engaged. Automatically close off challenges after a certain date and keep entrants motivated with a chart of their current progress.

Record Rich Experiences

Sit back and enjoy watching all the exploits appear. Your entrants can upload their own experiences with comments, selfies and time taken, before sharing their adventures with social media. 

Personalise the results by adding your own challenge completion questions.

Publish Live Results

Display a list of virtual entrants, their results and shared media, all updated real-time as challenges are completed. 

No manual work required by the event team, it’s all automatic.


Let us show you around with a demo, discover more features yourself or dive right in