Participant refund protection couldn't be easier

The refund issue

Expectations between participants and organisers can vary when it comes to refunds. Even with clear refund policies.

When there are refund queries, it can be time consuming and impact the events bottom line, or leave the participant questioning things and out of pocket.

More than ever, we're having enquiries from event organisers about participant refund options and better ways of managing the responsibility and cost.

Organisers asking for a simple solution, participants wanting choice and certainty.

The refund resolution

Working closely with organisers, participants and the best in the industry we have solved this problem.

eventplus now has event registration integration offering refund protection, with a global refund protection specialist.

As an organiser you can sign up directly, then provide this refund protection option to your participants. This gives participants the option to select refund protection as they are completing their event registration.

Should the participant wish to make a claim, they contact and deal directly with Booking Protect, who manage the administration, burden and cost.

The process is all automated on the event registration and there is no minimum up take required.

Organiser are charged a % of the event entry fee for each participant that chooses this option.

The organiser can add an extra amount to this service.

Those that opt for refund protection will be instantly protected against unforeseen circumstances which include things such as accident, injury, illness, death, weather disruption, and transportation issues.

Sleep easy at night, all for peace of mind and taking the load off the event organisers shoulders and keeping participants happy.

Contact us if you want to know more.