Welcome new Australian eventplus partners

We're delighted to partner with Tom Landon-Smith and Alina McMaster from AMTL Events in Australia, co-founders of the highly successful Ultra-Trail Australia, which was purchased by Ironman.

"We are super excited to be representing eventplus in Australia and helping others to grow their events," commented Tom and Alina.

Tom and Alina have been in the events business since 2003 (formerly AROC Sport) organising adventure races, mountain biking, paddling and trail running events. They are well respected within the event community, growing Ultra-Trail Australia in the Blue Mountains from just 27 runners to a sellout event of 8000.

Tom and Alina's experience spans many different registration systems including having one specially built for them. "We settled on eventplus in 2015 which continued to meet our future requirements".

Tom and Alina are excited to be giving this back into the events community with their expertise and support.

"By building our own system we knew what we needed, however we had so many issues with various event registration systems over our time organsing events. It was a real blessing when we discovered eventplus. They are so easy to work with and incredibly responsive to our ideas."

"Over the years they have improved and upgraded the system continuously making it very streamlined and including some fantastic features such as loyalty programmes, utilising historic information, as well as helping streamlining event administion and making it great for participants."

"We had more time to do the things we love including being together as a family and enjoying our outdoor passions."

"We are super excited to be representing eventplus in Australia and helping others to grow their events."

If you're interested to learn more about eventplus and growing your events, drop Tom and Alina an email here.

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