Help going forward in these times

It’s great to see some events are able to take place, unfortunately others are being severely impacted, some multiple times!

With a common theme of questions coming from event organisers, we see some benefit in an update on how we can assist with the different scenarios which are cropping up.

Of course, we are always available to have a chat about the specifics of your event or latest situation.

Can we restrict participant registration numbers outright or across multiple categories?

Yes. The event may need to adhere to a maximum number of participants, therefore it’s important to manage expectations and prevent too many participants entering and paying.

The participant limits can be set on an individual category or combined limits across multiple categories. The category(ies) will automatically close once that limit is reached.

If restrictions are altered then simply adjust the limits.

Can we automatically open a waitlist?

Yes. It’s good to not lose sight of other keen participants who miss out on a spot.

As soon as the participant limit is reached, the waitlist category will appear, ready for selection.

If the situation allows for more participants, it's straightforward to convert from waitlist to a standard registration.

How can I break down larger events into smaller groups or waves?

Easy - If your event format lends itself to having smaller sub-groups of participants who can be kept separated, it’s possible to set up start times/waves options with their respective limits.

If the event team prefers to work out the starting arrangements, these can be imported, making the start group details available via the eventplus reporting.

How can I best manage any gathering restrictions when it comes to participants, volunteers and my event crew?

If you need to consider all people attending your event, there is the option to get them all to register and be managed in one place. Specific questions could be asked about their experience, preferred roles etc.
This could even include spectators if need be. That way you can manage overall terms and conditions, numbers, waves, times/areas, check-ins in one central place.

Can my participants upload certificates/passports if the need arises for my events?

Yes. It may become necessary for some certification to be verified before the participant can partake in the event.

The event participants can upload an image file (e.g. photo of their certificate).

Optionally you could also set up an ‘admin only’ question for ‘Admin checked certification’ to confirm the certification has been checked.

Can I process unlimited refunds?

Yes, no problem to process full or partial refunds as required. There are no limits to processing refunds from within eventplus. Eventplus doesn't charge an additional fee to process refunds.

Can I roll my entire event over to a later date?

Yes no problem, simply update the event date and age division calculation date. Eventplus provides a ‘Review event dates’ list showing all date settings in one place to allow for quick visibility of all date settings.

Can I offer participants entries into future events

Sometimes rather than refunding, or if a participant is unable to make the new date, a viable option may be an offer of deferring their registration to a future event.

It’s possible to set up Voucher codes for participants so they can enter into future events which may not have been setup yet.

Can I offer participants choices?

If the event can’t proceed as planned, sometimes there are choices which you’d like to make available to participants to select from.

We’ve seen the most effective way to manage this is to make the preferred choice (e.g. roll your entry over) the default - and advise participants to contact us if you want to make another choice. You can manage this via eventplus by setting up questions with choice options and inviting the participants to make their selection.

Offering challenges and Virtual events?

Challenges can help to promote coming events, getting participants engaged early and focused on a pathway to your event(s).

Set up the challenge in the best promotional time window (training peak or speed week) in the lead up to your event. A challenge could be the fastest 5km time trial leading up to a half marathon, to vertical meters climbed within a week for a trail run.

Offer registrations to either a free or paid challenge. Promote the challenge and then it's up to the participant complete their challenge or action, then updating their details (e.g. performance, photos, proof).

Quick ways to keep everyone up-to-date while working remotely?

Save time manually running of export data and repeatedly distributing as information changes, and also reduces physical contact during the event day by connecting everyone to their data which is updated real time.

We'd love to chat with you about your event specifics.

SURVEY - Eventing and passports

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