2022, working together we've got this!

Eventplus works closely with event teams via workshops, one-on-one expert sessions and surveys.

Together we've been exploring ways to keep ahead of the new trends.

Finally there’s a general feeling of confidence emerging which the industry so desperately needs.

Across the events sector in general, there are three key areas of re-focus for 2022-2023:

1/ - Getting more people to register for events
2/ - Reducing the cost to run events
3/ - Improved security and financial control.

Here’s a taste of the trends organizers are experiencing and predicting in 2022, with a handful of ways which eventplus can help.

Participant choice for refund protection

Removing the time, worry and financial burden from the event organisation.
Participants now have opt-in refund protection which is available as thsoey register for an event. Rollover registrations from previous years, series or teams entries can easily be accommodated.

Hands on the Money

To alleviate future risk of payment or the ability to refund, event organisers prefer to be paid directly into their bank account. Fees are only charged on card payments, everything else is free - including refunds..

Bigger appeal, less outgoings​

Getting more return from the event day, by creating a multiple sports festival experience with more events running at the same time. Setup costs are similar, with a wider appeal. Then let the platform manage the registration complexity, including restricting people entering different events held at the same time.

Protecting your participants

Organisers strive to grow their participant databases and events. Ensure participant data is safeguarded and is only used for the intended purposes. eventplus doesn’t organise events or use participant data for their own purposes or market anything directly to participants.

Win Win by partnering with a Charity

People love to participate for a cause, often one close to their heart. Charities love promoting the event to their communities which provides valuable marketing. Organisers get the event registrations, charities get the fundraising. No management is needed from the event team with fundraising pages automatically set up and money paid directly to the charity.

More reasons for participants to register

Remove participant registration barriers Organisers can create loyalty discounts or incentives, early bird pricing and group discounts. Participants can quickly enter their family and friends who are already loading against their account. (By the way, over 500,000 participants have an eventplus account).

365 day promotion and pathways to events

Through participant programs like loyalty, achievement, challenges, most improved, personal bests, global vouchers and more. The ability to have all previous years results loaded creates a marketing opportunity.

Sell more merchandise

Products & services on sale anytime, 365 days through the shop or event registration (even after registrations have closed).

Empower the participants

Participants can do all their own updating of details and teams. New requirements can be added at any stage like for waves starts (e.g.latest half marathon time), event limits, waiting lists, through to even buying new sponsors' products. Let participants keep their own records accurate, even after the registrations are closed.

More automation of costly tasks

Let the platform do the heavy lifting with automation of common tasks. Free up time to do the important work, (things that grow the event), by reducing time consuming calls, emails, spreadsheets and repetitive work. Check out the UltraTrail Australia case study.

Automate Sellout events

Starting with a countdown clock, then automatically manages opening registrations, automatic closure with optional switching to a waiting list.

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Image: UTA 2019. Left: Kerry Suter (Squadrun), Tom Landon-Smith (Formerly UTA, now Eventplus Australia), Jen Knowles (eventplus NZ), Lauren Marcon (Ironman), Archie (Expert helper!)

P.S Just wee shout out to our wonderful, amazing and inspirational friend Kerry (yes all those things!) - he's had a very bad mountain bike mishap resulting in some gnarly spinal injuries. Kerry's givealittle page.