Surviving the virus & beyond!

COVID - 19 Where there is a race directors will, there is a way!

COVID-19 is changing things, nearly everything.

Our lives, events, passion for the outdoors, even the sports we watch and do..


Life as we knew it!

Event owners and athletes say they are hit hard.

Cancellations, postponements, refunds, layoffs, cash flow, for many the future is uncertain.

Government relief packages may help in the short term, but what of the future?

People are still focusing on fitness. Windtraining, running lengths of the balcony!

The streets filled with walkers, runners & cyclists on their local lockdown loop.


The new normal

Kinda crazy times. More people undertaking fitness without realising and seem to be enjoying the results.

Could we see a post-COVID-19 boost in personal fitness.?

Where there is a race directors will, there will always be a way!

Generally, a Race Director’s heart is in the right place. They know their people, industry and region.

They know how to assess their environment, from weather to sponsors to local bodies. Some even had an eye on the early days of COVID-19 in China.

As the virus came closer to home, looking at alternatives and tabling ideas for their events & athletes.

Ways to avoid losing clients by keeping them inspired, motivated and connected while retaining cash flow.

Event owners are seeing new opportunities for their event audience & revenue.

Not from traditional events, but virtual challenges.

Setting the goals, grabbing their clients attention, locking into their loyalty and earning money for their efforts.

Events have transitioned to being Virtual, entrants completing their challenge locally, followed by the event given out the medals, T’shirts and certificates.

Welcome to eventing beating off COVID-19.

No overheads, staff, course setting, conscents, safety planning…. And the participant might not even be a resident in the event’s country.


Race directors are the experts, they know their sports, their audience and have inspired before.

They wanted a virtual event solution with the power they were accustomed to. Run physical sport events and be able to transition to virtual or also complement their physical events post COVID-19.

The virtual event options open to them are endless, just come up with your ideas.

The virtual event options are endless read more here

Fast Forward to March

~ More and more events have switched to virtual, keeping their events alive and retaining cash flow.

~ Some virtual events are already completed, with medals, certificates & T shirts sent out, rather than sitting as dead stock.

~ Some organisers are setting up 100% new virtual challenges and events.

~ Charities are creating virtual series

~ New cash flow streams are coming to the industry.

The Participants are Happy!

~ They have a goal! Good for the mind and body..

~ Receiving the recognition (medal, t shirt, certificate..)

~ Staying connected with their event community via sharing, selfies.

~ Enjoying something new.

Race directors are focusing on things they can control. Keeping in contact, helping with motivation and on a pathway to their events, they say is key to their future & survival..

Like anything new, those who dip their feet in first generally get better engagement & loyalty..


“Thanks so much, great initiative under difficult circumstances..” participant Facebook comments

“Oh thanks guys and look forward to putting this marathon training to good use with all this craziness around us at the moment”

Where there is a race director's will, there is a way with eventplus.

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