Time to Go Virtual

Helping your events through COVID-19, and bouncing back quicker afterwards. Less work & lower cost!

eventplus Virtual Events (VE)

Times are changing. We can't be physically located together for events.
Event Organisations are setting up eventplus Virtual Events (VE). You can open a VE right now! (or change your existing event to a VE).
At this time Virtual Events are a viable option rather than cancelling or rescheduling to another uncertain date.
This can help with your cashflow, while keeping your events company at the fore of people's minds. After the virus passes they will remember your support.
No onsite management, planning, logistics and running an actual event.
eventplus can manage the entire Virtual Event - zero administration!
Participants update their own results online. Your office has no manual work e.g. spreadsheets, result updating, calls or emails.
All while in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Ideas for your Virtual Event

The key is to create motivating challenges which are pathways to their health or performance. This is essential giving people goals and motivation to help to be at their best mentally, emotionally and physically. The bonus is they are connected with their friends in YOUR community.

Events, series & personal challenges can be done safely at home, local parks, up your street or local forests. Here are some ideas, opportunities are limitless:

  • Run a set distance e.g. 5km, 10k, Half marathon distance.
  • Indoor wind trainers, rowing machines or treadmill challenges.
  • Weight loss goals.
  • Strength improvements.
  • Elevation, vertical climbing goals.
  • Design a set circuit in various locations.
  • Rogaine or treasure hunt (kids) style event.
  • Personal best series.
  • .. can be setup by age groups, gender etc.

  • Getting Started with your Virtual Event!

    • Plan your Virtual Event challenge(s). Virtual events can have one or many associated challenges for the participant to do, either at the same time or at different times..
    • Setup the Virtual Event in eventplus. The usual eventplus Event setup options apply e.g. races, categories, prices, age groups etc.
    • Participants update their own results online. (nor are results texted or emailed).
    • Your office has no manual work e.g. spreadsheets, result updating, calls or emails.
    • Display a list of virtual participants and results, selfies all update real-time as participants complete their challenges.
    • Review and reward / assign spot prizes.

  • Invite your audiences to tune in to eventplus webinars.
  • Design your own webinars, talk to us, we can make this happen.
  • Really helps everyone feel connected during this time.
  • Provide your entrants with the motivation to stay healthy, fit and things to look forward to.