How events are transforming their business?

Working closely with event teams, eventplus helps to increase sales, automate the repetitive work giving the freedom to focus on the important stuff.

Save time
Full Event Lifecycle Management
Harness the power of your data with historic results, loyalty or performance improvement on the same platform under your control.

Advanced automation of common tasks
Let the platform do the heavy lifting. Reduce, costly calls, emails, spreadsheets and repetitive work. Check out the UltraTrail Australia case study.

Sell more, anytime
via the integrated full time store.

Global Results, all years.
Turning results into an asset. Check out the the Taupo Cycle Challenge "Savings a months work” case study.

Increase Participation
with automated Loyalty and Achievement programmes (Results Into Revenue case study)

In control of finances.
Transactions paid directly to your bank. Free refunds, plus funds returned back directly to participants credit card. Read how here.

Effortless 30 second registration and paid
overall event or by participant choice.

Click to Add family, friends and teams.

Participants real-time help.
Helps to get your participants entered and paid.

Payment Options
Instalment Payments, Name you price, Pay it forward...

Pay for what you need
eventplus offers different payment plans for your needs and budget...

Have challenges or need more ideas? Click here to book an eventplus strategy session.