Cashflow, it's in your hands

With the world turned on its head lately, event owners are increasingly interested in understanding and improving cashflow, refunds and fees, so we thought it would be timely to take a deeper dive into the topic.

You'll no doubt have seen news reports of ticketing and registration platforms holding back paying out registration funds to the event organisation.

We know how important cashflow is when organising an event, so eventplus payment integrations have always been designed to get funds into your account as quickly as possible.

None of your money is ever touched by eventplus or flows through our bank accounts, it goes directly from your participants straight to your bank account or payment platform account.

We will never hold back your funds and don't have any capability or desire to do so. You can rest assured that you will always be in control of your event's revenue when using eventplus.

  • You have full control over your funds which are banked directly to you.
  • eventplus fees are only incurred when a credit card payment has been processed.
  • eventplus fees are deducted automatically (for those using the Stripe platform)
  • eventplus doesn't charge any additional fees to process refunds.
  • Presently Stripe doesn't charge any additional fees for processing refunds.

We get asked fairly frequently how long refunded funds take to arrive back in participants' bank accounts. This is outside of our control, however we have observed it can take between 5-10 days.

In all scenarios the original registration/transaction fee is not returned, either by eventplus or the payment processing platform as it is used to cover processing costs incurred by the transaction.

eventplus can offer participant instalment and other payment methods to encourage participants to enter upfront and not delay or lose interest - talk to us if that sounds interesting.

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