2020 What A Year, Re-Adjusting and evolving

Some events obviously aren’t able to take place depending on the country, nature of the event and current COVID level/gathering limits.

For those that are fortunate enough to be able to run events, here are few special features and ideas which may help.

Beyond refunds and transfering participants over to other events, event owners were seeking any additional benefits to help get started again with their events.

Successfully mitigating risk, engaging participants and lightening the load for event teams all seemed of upmost importance.

Reduce Risk
Lower Overheads
Engaging Participants
Gathering Limits
Ask participants to choose their start times, capping each start time limit, managing safety bubbles on the day..

Attendance Check-ins
Register and check-in for participants, volunteers to supporters. Providing also an audit log of attendees.

Global Voucher Codes
Ultimate flexibility for good will or discounts - Allow participants to enter a future event, even if the event registration isn't set-up yet. e.g. "Here's a 20% off voucher for any of our events in the next year".

Virtual or Hybrid Events
Fully self service for the participant, including upload photos, time, proof & social networking pivoting or hybrid examples. Even if you're already taking registrations these can be easily switched to virtual.

Controlling Cashflow, making it easy for participants
Delays in payments and others controlling your transactions can be more risky in these times. Offer instalment payment options.   Click here to read more...

Pop-Up Events
Short term cashflow, engagement and more certainty in these times

Event Insurance
Overall event or by participant choice.

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