Participant Trends and Covid-19

Up until very recently, 2021 has been positive for most events. So far we've seen a record number of events open, with really good participant uptake.

Participants seem enthusiastic about competing, meeting up and enjoying the event day.

Gathering restrictions aside, engaging participants, managing cash-flow and working smarter still seem to be the priorities as we head into 2021.

Event professionals are also voicing it’s harder securing volunteers in Q1 2021, some with groups even pulling out close to the event. This was before the recent restrictions. More on this below.

Reflecting back to last year, event participation in June 2020 showed a steady increase in transaction volumes after the autumn lockdowns, then a sudden halt after the media reported two ladies driving around NZ then subsequently testing positive.

There was a really strong participation reaction to the news around that time, represented in the participation drop indicated below (red).

2021 - How Participants Are Responding?

More recently, even with a few Covid-19 scares we’re not experiencing the same hesitancy, participants seem a little more informed and robust to the daily news.

We processed substantially more participant transactions in December 2020 and January 2021 than previous years, even with a few community Covid-19 cases, and parts of Australia in lockdown.

Update 15/2/21 2pm - It’s a bit early to tell but so far, overall the transaction volumes (registrations) over the last few days haven’t reduced (Both sides of the Tasman).