Personal accounts
Personal details are saved with an eventplus account, speeding up future registrations
Participants can change or reset their password, receiving a temporarily password to their phone or email
Participants can manage sub-accounts for friends or family and quickly register them for events
Social media login
using existing Facebook, Google or Strava accounts
Create and configure events
New events
Create a new event at any time using a simple guided process
Repeat events
Use a previous event as a template to quickly create a new repeat event
Adjust the color scheme to match the event brand and upload banner images
Unique URL
Choose a permanent, memorable event URL which will remain the same for all future versions of the event
Custom content
Add personality to the registration experience by customising or adding text, video and images
Define event terms and conditions, record participant consent by waiver version and date
Activity log
All changes to the event configuration are recorded, including date, time and person making the change
Review event timelines
Shows a chronlogical list of all event date settings for quick review
Multi-event and Series
Multi-event format
Configure events with multiple races or sessions, participants can choose to register for one or more at the same time
Create events with multiple races or sessions spread over a longer time period with staggered registration dates
Conflict prevention
Define races or sessions which cannot be chosen together, preventing selection if they take place at the same time or overlap
Registration types
Create an unlimited number of categories or sessions available for participant selection
Pricing tiers
Automatically increases registration prices on set dates or when a certain number of registrations has been reached. Unlimited tiers.
Date restrictions
Have categories or sessions automatically open or close for registration based on date ranges
Age restrictions
Restrict registration types to age ranges, for example; under 18 years or ages 19 to 49
Age exemptions
Provide exemption codes to allow individuals to register when they do not meet age range requirements
Sex restrictions
Restrict registration types to a single sex, useful for competitive sports categories
Registration limits
Limit the total number of registrations for specific registration type, or a combined total of multiple registration types
Automatically overflow excess registrations to a waitlist when a registration type is full
Show a countdown timer for event registration
Registration changes
Allow participants to change their own registration type and pay any additional changes
Allow participants to transfer their registration to another person and any pay any applicable transfer fee
Update registration details
Allow participants to update their own registration data at any time, or up until a certain date
Resend confirmation
Allow participants to resend their own registration confirmation
Divisions sport
Division assignment
Automatically assign participants into age and sex divisions based on their personal details
Adjustable age calculation
Use a custom date for age division assignment, for example; age on race day, age at start of season or start of calendar year
Google Analytics
Record completed registrations using Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel
Record completed registrations using Facebook Pixel
Prompt participants to post about the event to their facebook feed with a predefined message after registration
Prompt participants to tweet a predefined message about the event via their twitter account after registration
Referral tracking
View detailed reports of referral activity
Event Map
Event map
Display an interactive event venue map after registration
Points of interest
Add custom points of interest to the event map, for example; sponsors, parking or toliet facilities
Accommodation options
Show bookable accommodation options on the event map
Registration Forms
Unlimited questions
Add any number of questions to the registration form
Display questions grouped together in sections
Registration type questions
Only show questions relevant for the chosen registration type
Required questions
Set questions as required to ensure they are answered
Dependent questions
Dynamically show or hide questions depending on the answer given to a previous question
Questions with charges
Add questions that can increase the registration price depending on the multiple choice answer
Choice limits
For multiple choice questions, limit the number of registrants who can chose a particular answer before it becomes unavailable
Number ranges
For numeric answers, specify the minimum and / or maximum values which can be entered
Upload files
Allow the participant to upload files as part of the registration form, for example; a photo or certificate
Hidden questions
Define questions which can only be changed or viewed by event staff and not the participant
Team captain questions sport
Add questions which are only available to team captains and not team members
Confirmation visibility
Choose to show answers to important questions on the registration confirmation for additional verification
Question types
Choose from a rich selection of validated question types for easy entry and prevent invalid answers
- Freetype text
Typed text, the length can be limited or force into all-capitals
- Multiple choice
Show a selection list of possible answers
- Multiple choice with freetype
Show a selection list of possible answers, but also allow the option to free type an answer instead
- Image
Upload images such as photos, images are automatically resized, rotated and a thumbnail is shown
- File
Upload a file attachment
- Checkbox
Show one or more answers as series of checkboxes, any number of which may be selected
- Radio
Show one or more answers as radio buttons, only one choice may be selected
- Money
Allow a currency value to be entered
- Phone
Allow entry of a phone number validated against the phone number format for the selected country
- Mobile
Allow entry of a mobile phone number validated against the mobile number format for the selected country
- Email
Typed email address validated as being in a valid format for an email address
- Time
Capture a time in various formats such as hh:mm:ss
- Money choice with freetype
Show a selection list of monetary amounts, but also allow the option to type in a monetary amount instead
- Info box
Display instructions or information directly within the registration form, no input required.
- Achievement
Display in the highest achievement level which the particiant has achieved. (see Achievements)
Card processing
Accept credit or debit card payments using Stripe's global high-security platform
Receive payments from anywhere in the world supported by Stripe - 135+ currencies
Booking fee
Charge a booking / processing fee as either a fixed amount or percentage of the transaction
Each payment arrives directly into your Stripe account from which bank payouts can be managed using the Stripe dashboard
Process credit card refunds directly from the eventplus dashboard, with the option to charge an administration or processing fee
Non-card payments
Record and manage non-card payments made by other methods such as internet banking, cash or cryptocurrency
eventplus Pricing
Simple pricing
Fees are only charged on card transactions, everything else is free
Immediate payments
eventplus doesn't hold back payments or delay them in any way, they are available immediately
Pricing plans
Choose the right plan for the event and only pay for what is needed
Free refunds
eventplus doesn't charge a fee for refunds
Free events
Events that do not charge for registration will not incur any eventplus fees
Discount codes
Create codes which will provide a discount as a percentage, a fixed amount, or set an exact amount to pay
Discount registrations
Discount codes can apply to any registration, or just for specific registration types
Discount merchandise
Discount codes can apply to specific products, product groups, or all products
Limit usage
Limit the times a discount code can be used by person or overall usage, track exactly when and where the code was used
Voucher codes
Create voucher codes which can be used to give a discount for any event, including future events, for a preset time period
Discount series
Restrict discount codes to specific sessions or races within an event or have them applied and usage tracked across the whole series
Promotional Discounts
Family capped price
Cap the price for families registering together, for example: 2 adults and 1+ children capped at $100
Capped series price
Cap the price for a participant with multiple event registrations, for example: 8 registrations, $50 per registration, capped at $400
Series discount
Discount participants more than certain number of registrations for a series, for example: Register for 4 or more parts of a series and get 10% off
Series progressive discount
Discount participants registering for a series with progressively higher discounts, for example; Register for 2, get 10% off, register for 4 get 20% off
Registration count discount
Discount multiple participants are being registered together, for example; register two people and receive third registration free (or discounted)
Questions discount
Discount based on the participant's answers to questions, for example; "Are you a student?", "Did you volunteer?" "Yes", 25% discount
Achievement discount
Discount participants who have met a certain acheivement level, for example; 20% off for gold level participants (see Achievements)
Merchandise discount
Discount a participant's registration if certain products have been purchased, for example: Buy a $500 training programme, get 25% off registration
Youth discount
Discount registrations for a specified age range when they register with someone older, for example: 50% off childen under 10 who register with an adult
Location discount
Automatically discount participants based on their postcode/zip location, for example; 10% discount to all participants local to the event
Teams sport
Teams rules
Define team rules for each category, with members either participating together or in a relay style arrangement
Team captains can invite potential members to join their team by entering their email address, an invitation with a direct registration link will be sent
Relay Legs (or stages) can be defined in the team rules, including how many team members can select each leg.
Team divisions
Create division rules for teams based on sex or age groups and have them automatically enforced, for example; male only team or under 18 junior team
Member limits
Define the minimum and maximum team members for each category
Member registration
Specify if team members need to register themselves or if the captain will register them (useful for family teams)
Race numbers sport
Automatic race numbers
Define custom race number ranges for different categories and have the number automatically assigned to participants
Reallocate race numbers
Race number for withdrawn participants can automatically be returned to the pool for reallocation
Manual reallocation
Assign a new race number from the pool to a specific participant or enter a number directly
Bulk allocation
Load manually allocated race numbers from uploaded data and assign them to participants
Group rules
Define group rules, who can create a new group, when groups can be created and the available payment options for each group type
Public groups
Display a searchable list of groups during registration and allow participants to join any they choose
Closed groups
Groups that are displayed publically but can only be joined using a password
Hidden groups
Groups that are not shown publically and can only be joined using a password
Manage participants
Group administrators can view the status and registration details of all members who have joined their group
Group payments
Create group types that allow the group administrator to pay for a part or all of the member's registration
Group discounts
Apply a discount to a specific group so that all members joining the group will receive the discount on their registration
Registration merchandise
Present merchandise purchasing options as an integral part of the registration process, with registration and purchases on the same order
Unlimited products
Add any number of products and services available to purchase during registration or from the shop
Product details
Upload multiple product images, videos and create detailed product descriptions with embedded images, links and formatting
Product attributes
Create one or more product attributes which can be selected at purchase, for example; size, colour, bus time or anything else
Inventory management
Limit the quantity of items available to avoid overselling
Merchandise groups
Group related products together and control the order in which they are displayed
Merchandise tags
Assign one or more tags to products and have them automatically filtered when using a direct tag link, useful for promoting specific products
Stand-alone shop
Make the shop available separately from the registration process, with direct link which can be added to the event website
Registration confirmation emails
Customise registration confirmation emails with personalised text, branding and delivery options
Order confirmation emails
Customise the order confirmation emails which are sent to the person paying for registrations or merchandise
Unpaid reminder emails
Send automatic email notifications for unpaid orders
Unpaid automatic cancellation
Optionally enable automatic registration cancellation if not paid within a specified time
Registration Administration
Find and filter
Show all registration, order or participant data in sortable, filterable, searchable lists. Personalise the columns that are shown
Participant details
View all information relating to a participant for all events in one place, with account, registrations, ordered items, payments and activy all shown together
Update registration details
Update registrant details
Change registration type
Change the type of registration, with the option to charge an administration or processing fee
Cancel registrations
Cancel a registration, with or without a refund
Issue a full or partial refund against a registration or merchandise, with funds returned to the paying credit card
Manage merchandise
Add, edit or cancel merchandise items on a participant's order
Manage race numbers sport
Reallocate, remove or manually set registration race numbers
Bulk registration
Register large quantities of participants at once by uploading a bulk registration spreadsheet
Handle special requirements by adding notes to order or individual order items
Activity log
All changes to orders and registrations are recorded, including date, time and person making the change.
Business Intelligence
View real-time event statistics and graphical performance indicators
Create custom dashboards, choose from a range of widgets, drag, drop and size them for a personalised layout
Registration comparison
Compare registration number for an event against the previous version of the event, for example; registrations one week from event day compared to last year
Revenue comparison
Compare revenue against the previous version of the event, for example; this year's revenue one month before event day vs. last year one month before event day
Age breakdown
Show the number of registrations for the event by age group, see the most popular age groups as a bar chart
Previous participants
Show a pie charge of participants who are new to the event vs those who registered for previous version of the event
Registration type breakdown
Breakdown registration numbers by type and each type by sex, for example; see that one registration type has double the numbers of another and is 70% female
Sex breakdown
Show the sex split of event registrations as a pie chart
List the websites that referred registering participants to the event sorted by most referrals
Show a pie chart of the computing devices participants used to register for the event, for example; 20% Apple Max, 30% Windows
Web browsers
Show a pie chart of the web browsers participants used to register for the event, for example: 20% mobile safari, 40% chrome
Standard reports
Choose from a comprehensive suite of standard reports that cover most common event requirements
- Customers
All possible information about each participant, their registrations, order and merchandise in a single row
- Registations
Including registration types, registrant details, question answer columns and status
- Financials
Including payment data, transaction amounts, reconciliation breakdowns and outstanding balances
- Merchandise
Including shipping lists, sales breakdown by product and returns
- Teams sport
Including team captain details, registration details, captain only question columns, member data columns and relay legs
Custom reports
Build custom reports using any available data, with preset filtering, sorting and grouping options
Export options
All reports can be either viewed on screen (sortable and searchable) or exported to excel, libreoffice, csv, json or pdf formats as required
Publish Reports
Publish any report to the web as a sortable, searchable list, passworded or public, share live data with suppliers or show a participant list on the event website
Virtual Challenges
Create challenges
Create one or more challenges for a registration type that participants can choose to complete
Schedule challenges
Define challenges that become available at different times for different audiences, set completion criteria and timeframes
Record experiences
Allow participants to upload their experiences, such as comments, times, selfies. Gather feedback with completion questions.
Publish results
Display a list of participants experiences updated real-time as they complete challenges (see Reports)
Accounting Codes
Create accounting codes
Create accounting codes to match the business chart of accounts across all events
Map accounting codes
Link accounting codes to categories, products and other charges for each event
View transactions broken down by accounting codes for easy accounting system reconciliation
Results sport
Load historic results
Import historic timing results in bulk from a spreadsheet (requires clean data in a specific format)
Load event results
Easily load new results using just the eventplus timing id and result time
Associate with accounts
Results are linked to an eventplus account creating a multi-year history which can be used for achievements
Results viewer
View results by event or for a specific person
Achievement programmes
Create achievement programmes to award and incentivise return participants
Achievement levels
Define levels of achievement with name, colour and point required to qualify
Award on registration
Award achievement points for registering for the event, with options to award more points based on registration type
Award on results sport
Award achievement points for completing the event, automatically calculated when a result is added, options to award points based on result time (see results)
Award on purchase
Award achievement points for purchasing merchandise, options to specific which products and how many points per product
Display achievement
Show the participant's current achievement level during the registration process, with the current number of points and number required to level up
Achievement discounts
Automatically provide a discount to participants who have achieved a certain level, for example; 10% discount to all gold level participants
Create workflows
Define custom workflows to quickly lookup participant data and perform simple actions. Useful for check-in, gear checks and many other processes
Lookup participants
Find the participants by scanning a QR code or seach by name, email or registration number
Display data
Choose which data should be shown when the participant is found
Perform actions
Add one or more actions that can set or clear registration details or allocate a race number (sports)
Fundraising (via Integration)
Multiple charities
Configure one or many charities for your event and allow participants to choose their preferred charity during registration
Personal fundraising page
Each participant can have a personal fundraising page automatically created, showing amount raised and allowing communication with thier donors
Charity tiers
Define tiers to display preferred charity partners in a prominant position
Direct charity links
Allow charities promoting your event to provide a registration link which will automatically choose thier charity.
Charity Donations
Create donations
Present donation options during registration, along a choices of suggested donation amounts, charity information and logos
Track donations
View donations reports showing all donations, broken down by charity for easy reconciliation and transfer
Donation receipts
Automatically generate charity branded donation receipts for participants who make a charity donation, incl. registered charity numbers and tax details
Volunteers can register for free
Offer volunteer equipment choices by size or volunteer role
Record volunteer skills, upload qualification documents and id photos
Scan in volunteers, assign their volunteer pack (medical, security, media), checkout at the end of the day
QR Codes
Generate QR codes
Include a QR code on order and registration emails which can be scanned for participant identification
eventplus secure QR format
An encrypted code format that cannot be tampered with, only for use with the eventplus workflow tool, useful for event access tickets
Custom QR format
Customise the data included in the QR code so it can be scanned into external systems, for example; a race timing system

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