EventPlus profile

We're making it faster for you to enter EventPlus hosted events by offering you the ability to save your basic details in to a profile, making it nice and quick to sign up for further events.

Your completed profile will be presented to you quickly each time you register for an event. You can check it is correct each time you sign up to an event, or you can login at any time and update your details.

Only Event Organisers whose events you have signed up to can see your profile information. Event Organisers cannot see information about any other events you have signed up for.

If you change your profile details, these changes will be immediately updated to any Event Organiser, whose event(s) you have signed up for in the past or future.

Family Profiles

We understand that you may be sharing your email address with other family members.

You can quickly create profiles for all your family members from the profile page while you are registering for an event. We only require minimum details about your family members, such as their name, gender and date of birth.