Key Features

When managing your events business there’s a lot to keep across, it’s challenging to keep your finger on the pulse and cut through the work load, especially as the event days draw nearer and more people expect more.

Getting your events on budget, entry numbers heading north, finding new sources of support, service providers organised, keeping participants happy and more…all in a congested sports events market is nothing short of a miracle.

Good news we're here to make life easier!

Step up into our simple but powerful technology with the bonus of enhanced support not only for you but your participants.

Participant Profile - nice & easy for all, so logical!
Most athletes train for more than one event, go shopping and are associated to an organisation, so it seems logical to give them the power of a profile & login to fast track their entry, empower them to manage their own registration. Bonus for you saving time plus improving the event data for all. Entrants report liking the single login across all their event entries, series, memberships and shop purchases for changes & updates keeping it simple everyone and taking the load off you.

Powerful customisable registration forms giving you more opportunity now and safeguard options for future growth. Simplify the entry & merchandise purchase experience for your participants. Slicker, faster and loaded with powerful features. Manage complexities such as:
  • Enter several people using one email and make a single payment.
  • Multiple events within an event (e.g. series, festival of events).
  • Automatic assignment of age and gender based divisions.
  • Complex Discounting, family discounting, multi race discounts.
  • Automatic race/bib number allocation.
  • Multiple categories with independent standard, early and late entry fees, age restrictions and associated questions.
  • Multiple social networking logins to speed up entry.
  • Multiple Payment options, most popular being credit card.
  • Entry/merchandise transaction reports make reconciling payments easy.
  • Extensive data validation resulting in quality data, lowering rework and risk.
  • Conditional questions asked dependant on previous answers.
  • Automatic entry confirmations which can be customised with your own messages, images and style.
  • Safe and secure online transactions.
  • Entrant posts to facebook for social media marketing.
  • Volunteer management.
  • Real time live chat provided for your entrants while they are entering
  • ..much more. Tell us what your after and we'll see how we can help out.
EventPlus family and friends
EventPlus Management System
Designed to manage everything from a single event through to a large scale events office, or sports organisation with all benefiting from a central border-less management and participant experience. Improve budgeting & forecasting across a single event or your entire events business. Automatically coordinate across multiple resources, peers & management with easy to use powerful management tools letting you relax and empowering your team to do their work more effectively. Manage your events, financials & participants, including tracking your participants progress and give them encouragement to enter or complete their entry.

Here’s a taste where we can help you
  • Single searchable database for accounts, entrants, teams, groups, results and more
  • Quick glance Business Intelligence - insight for better business decisions.
  • Custom Reporting - powerful & flexible to meet your needs.
  • Adminster your event registrations, changing categories, answers to questions.
  • Refunds made simple - withdraw and refund entrants without needing card details.
  • Setting up discount, group, age and category override codes.
  • Collaborate with your team and suppliers.
  • Increased automation by presetting pricing changes, allowing entrants to make their own category changes and transfers
  • High quality validated data
  • Results
  • Achievement/ incentive programmes awarding ‘points’ for entrant behaviour, encouraging repeat entrants
  • Easier event day with Quick Actions for managing Check-ins, QR scanning
EventPlus graphs

Mobile Friendly Websites
  • Professional websites that are mobile friendly and optimised to rank highly in search results.
  • Update your own content using our powerful Content Management System.
  • With Eventplus providing the website, your web services are under one roof, just making life easier.
  • Registration form - Integrated into the entry form making it nice and easy to purchase extra items at the same time as entering the event.
  • Stand-alone shop - options for purchasing event merchandise, meal tickets and other products for supporters and other non-entrants.
  • Open all hours.

  • Send bulk mobile-friendly email messages to your database.
  • Track the benefits of your campaign with the Business Intelligence.
  • Website signup form to make it super quick for your subscribers.

All Ears
  • Client feedback & ideas are the core to our continual improvements, helping you keep ahead in the congested events market.
  • Listen carefully to entrants experience via real-time chat support.
  • We have a planned rollout of upgrades for summer 2016/17 which will be available to all clients.