EventPlus Growth Cycle

What is the EventPlus Growth Cycle?

The EventPlus Growth Cycle represents the stages of the lifecycle of an event:
1. Fast Entry - quick and intuitive event registration, paid!
2. More Sales - entrants can buy more any time and make their own changes
3. Event Office Organised - driving office automation, freed-up for the important things
4. Event Day Managed - set-up your day well in advance, manage event day check-ins
5. Results & Loyalty - entrant result data auto feeds into loyalty programmes

How did it come about?

It all started with a group of event owners wanting a better way to manage their registration and event businesses.

Event owners were passionate about their events, many still active as athletes and often had other successful business ventures.

They expressed lots of pains; from both their entrants, suppliers and their own event businesses perspective.

They felt there were methodologies or guidelines for most things - for training it could be “The Lydiard Method”, self-improvement say the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, or business management “Agile methodology”.

They wanted to be listened too. Their challenges & ideal, in an effort to form a framework to improve their sport events. So they enlisted the help business designers.

How has it made a difference?

Each step of the growth cycle is targeted specifically at reducing workload and lifting quality.

It’s a flexible staged framework that caters for simple to complex sports events.

Some events may only use the first few stages, with the flexibility to expand.

Industry leaders like The Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge (one of the Southern Hemisphere's biggest cycling events) & Ultra-Trail Australia (Third biggest trail run in the world) are using the full lifecycle and are seeing benefits:

“My office has gone quiet and event days managed with EventPlus” and “it used to take weeks to calculate out our loyalty programme (cadence club), now it’s all automatic & presented back to entrants as they enter”.

Event Organisers

In a 30 minute strategy session we'll drill down on how you can manage your event registrations in the most efficient, effective and scalable way, based on our 20 years of experience in the event industry and business process improvement.

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