Making a difference - Updated May 2017

Like to dream up an event management system to help grow your event numbers, reduce frustration & help with savings? What do you think it would look like?

Well a group of top race directors did, with the help of a corporate experienced tech team & the latest technology -- now 4 years on EventPlus is the choice of iconic events across Australasia like Challenge Wanaka, North face 100 (Ultra Trail Aus), Taupo Cycle Challenge, Kathmandu Coast to Coast, Wellington Marathon, Queensland Half, Santa runs, Augusta Adventure Festival..... and many, many more..

So what's making the biggest difference above what they call the "industry standard"? Here's what they saying after the release of EventPlus version 2 in November:

Event Business Growth


  • Growing through family & friends. "Remembers me and my friends & family" from any previous EventPlus event entry, just click to add people to the event registration. A great opportunity to build up event numbers.
  • Family and Friends
  • Opportunity for a "Bigger Sales Window" taking care of all those "just in time" entries which is getting more and more popular. Not having to close of entries days before, with powerful features helping to keep them open up until a day, or just hours before the event starts.
  • Growing through Bulk Management & sports coordinators - download the entry form in an excel format with the specific event fields..send to local sports co-ordinators, schools, corps, HR department, then upload in bulk to register large numbers of people in seconds..
  • Single or multiple (series style) event entries with intelligent incentive based discounting & management.
  • Complex entries made simple - Teams, legs, series, groups, enter multiple people into multiple events at the same time, all while still being quick and easy to use. Apply discounts automatically based on custom criteria.
  • Exploring new markets with multiple language capability
  • Embedded entries in the event web pages, keeping the event brand/look and feel throughout. Happy sponsors. Sometimes reduce as much as three mouse clicks to the start of the entry process.
  • ...

$avings & your time


  • More Automation end to end, entrant to suppliers. Set up reporting / collaboration in advance to remove frustration, workload (during busy times) and helping to run more events in the peak of the season. Clone automation & refine for the next year. Life's suddenly more simple.
  • Savings - not paying for work that is now automated, or services now provided for free (e.g. entry setup, chat support for entrants).
  • Professional Chat support on the entry form, helping with the entry sale & reducing office queries
  • EventPlus works for us even when we are not in the office.
  • Capturing & Managing Volunteers
  • ...

Top Tier Solution

  • Latest ICT processes for improved business management & lifting the clients experience on par to other services they use like eBay, Facebook, Netflix..
  • Top Tier
  • Seamless Entrant Experience - Entrant details are remembered, click to enter, more time to add people or shop
  • Full Business Visibility - Managing the whole events business not just individual events one at a time
  • Inbuilt Automation reducing the reliance and frustration of spreadsheets - working in event spreadsheets is time consuming & frustrating, however in other parts of the business like Accounting working in spreadsheets is considered 10 years old.
  • ...

Smarter decisions & tracking


Advanced graphs & reporting - comparison year to year & more, growth opportunities & hot leads ..

Above is a sample of what's been achieved in just over 4 years, to help clients in a congested and competitive events market.

If you want to explore these and the growing list of other opportunities for your events business just drop us a note. We are more than happy to chat and discuss the benefits to your events business & provide a live demo.

Need an events website? The team can also help with google compliant, mobile optimised websites, ideal for the 40% plus people who access info & enter on their phones.